Secret Society Sessions (signed CD and poster)

Secret Society Sessions (signed CD and poster)

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Get your SIGNED copy of Secret Society Sessions, plus the unique companion poster. 

  • Beautifully designed. CD comes in a matte-finish, 4-panel eco-wallet package designed by Margaret Alba.
  • I'll sign every limited-edition CD. The writing will be sloppy. The message will be sincere. 
  • Plus get a one-of-a-kind poster. Every CD also comes with a unique signed poster, which I'm pretty sure is the first of its kind, where the creases and folds are part of the design.

  • So, I'll admit... 

    This is a strange album. If you've traveled behind the scenes, you already know why. The warp and weft of time, places, people; Things about myself I had to grow beyond. Now after countless changes, countable years, it's ready: Seven songs, thirty minutes, four guitar solos, plus prettiness & ugliness, one collapsing star, and lots and lots and lots of new wave grooves.

    Nearly ten years in the making, Secret Society Sessions is a document of fits and starts. A tight collection of rhythmic indie-pop songs about things that no longer are, recorded by a band that doesn't exist, in a studio that closed down years ago.

    I began making this record with backing band The Fear of Heights in the summer of 2010. Then I left it alone for years, came back in 2017 to add a few more things, and left it alone again. It wasn't that I didn't like the songs,.. there was just one tune that HAD to be on the album, but it wasn't working. In the summer of 2019 I realized the lyrics needed a complete re-write. New lyrics came, I re-sang the song, and suddenly the entire project felt complete.

    Sometimes a bunch of songs are ready for the world, but they gotta wait for the runt to catch up.