THE SORT OFs: Anxiety on Parade (CD)

THE SORT OFs: Anxiety on Parade (CD)

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"It’s rare for a band to come out of the gate with a debut as impressive and confident." - Portland Tribune

THE SORT OFs aimed to make a kind of personal political music in the era of George W Bush and the dawn of his perpetual wars. 

At the heart of most of these songs is a bashing keyboard & drums duo. Then we added a bunch of harmonies, raw guitar, and the occasional orchestral flourish.

15 years later, I'm still really proud of this record. 

We had a lot going for us — momentum, youth, volume. Not sure why I decided to shift gears and favor my singer-songwriter path. It wasn't like the world was lacking in white dudes with acoustic guitars. 

Back then I loosely planned for there to be a second SORT OFs album. There never was. This is our lone little etch upon the past. 

Package includes:

  • Hi-quality CD in Jewel Case
  • Design and layout by Tim Huggins
  • Multi-page lyric booklet
  • A hidden track (remember those?)